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The County welcomes use of its various social media sites by the public to comment on matters involving the County for public interest, educational, and informational purposes. Please be advised that the County’s social media sites are routinely monitored by County staff. The County will strive to address, within a reasonable time, questions, comments, and matters involving the public interest.

Please note however, that the County’s social media sites are not traditional public forums, and serve only as limited public forums. Accordingly, all comments and other content posted by users on the County’s social media sites are subject to monitoring and reasonable, viewpoint neutral regulations. User-generated posts or comments can be rejected, removed, or hidden by County staff when the content includes, but is not limited to, the following:
· Contains nudity, obscenity, or material that appeals to the prurient interest
· Contains personal identifying information or sensitive personal information
· Contains offensive language
· Contains language that targets or discriminates on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or intellectual disability or sexual orientation, or other protected classes
· Is threatening, harassing, or is a personal attack
· Incites or promotes violence or illegal activities
· Contains information that reasonably could compromise individual or public safety
· Promotes or endorses political campaigns or candidates
· Contains false information
· Infringes on copyrights, trademarks, or another legal ownership interest of any other party
· Solicits commerce
· Promotes or opposes particular services or products
· Contains information that is clearly off topic
Repeated violations of this policy will result in the offending user being banned from use of the County’s social media sites. Adherence to this policy ensures a pleasant experience for all users. All users of the Count’s social media pages are deemed to give their implied consent to this disclaimer by their use of such social media sites.

The views and comments expressed on the County’s social media sites do not reflect the opinions and position of the County or its officers and/or employees, and are not to be construed as an endorsement of the same, implied or otherwise, by the County, or its officers, and employees.

Press Releases 2021

Press Release: Randal Nixon Joins County Staff as Recreation Specialist

Press Release: Library Now Providing Internet Hotspots

Press Release: Board of Supervisors Votes on ARPA Funds

Press Release: Amherst County Sheriff’s Department Earns Accreditation

Press Release: Homecoming Celebration for Sherrie McLeRoy

Press Release: New Playground at Mill Creek lake

Press Release: Bell Donated to Amherst Welcome Center

Press Release: Supervisors Decide to Support Pari-Mutuel Referendum

Press Release: Summer Reading Program

Press Release: Personal Property Tax Relief Rate Set for 2021

Press Release: Board of Supervisor’s Lifts Local State of Emergency

Patio Homes & Townhomes Approved On South Coolwell Road

Press Release: Senior Socials Resume

Press Release: Library Board of Trustees Appoints New Library Director

Press Release: Director of Amherst County Public Libraries Retires

Press Release: Three Convenience Center Locations are Now Open Seven Days a Week.

Agriculture Committee Announces New Dates for County Fair

Press Release: Household Hazard Waste Day

Press Release: Camp Trapezium

Agriculture Committee Announces Dates of County Fair

Middle James River Vision Plan Outreach

Press Release: New Ambulance

Press Release: Food Truck Ordinance

Press Release: New Permit Tech

Household Waste Collection Day

Press Release: Chestnuts Planted Along the Blue Ridge Railway Trail

Press Release: Discussion of Equity Lesson Taught in Amherst County Public Schools

Press Release: Board of Supervisors Adopts 2022 Budget

Press Release: Board of Supervisors Adopts 2022 Budget

Coalition for a Cleaner County Celebrates First Anniversary

Live Streaming Board of Supervisors Meetings

Site Plan Review

Polling Place Changes

Littering Fine Increased

Route 29 Business Beautification Survey

Getting Involved in Local Government

Changes to the Building Appeals Charter

Boxwood Farm Convenience Center

Press Release: Visit Coolwell Park

Press Release: Vaccination Updates April 7, 2021

Board Designates New Freedom of Information Act Officer

Route 29 Business Mini-Grant Program

Tree Pruning

Redistricting Committee

Community Sign Installed in Lowesville

Annual Planning Commission Report

Amherst County Welcomes Patrick Nalley

Resolution Opposing Boat Landing Fees

Improvements to Coolwell Convenience Center

James River Heritage Trail Reopening

Vaccination Update for Amherst County (February 5th)

Board of Supervisors Sends Letter Addressing Gubernatorial Emergency Powers

Board of Supervisors Sends Letter Stating Opposition to House Bill No. 2054

Amherst County Recreation and Parks Director Retires

Public Works Unveils New Logo

Improvements Continue at County Convenience Centers

2021 Board, Committee, and Commission Appointees

Amherst County Board of Supervisors Elects New Chair and Vice-Chair

Press Releases 2020

Amherst County Awards 65 Grants

Social Distancing Procedures for the December 15, 2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Trail Renovations & Closures

Improving and Expanding Recycling at Convenience Centers

Amherst County Awarded Grant for Broadband Expansion

Restrooms at County Parks

The Board of Supervisors Passes Cigarette Tax Ordinance

The Board of Supervisors Passes Solar Ordinance

Planning Starts for Former CVTC Facilities

Board of Supervisors Planning Workshop

Route 29 Business Mini-Grant Program

Around the County in 60 Days Challenge

Business Tax Public Hearing

Board of Supervisors and Broadband Authority Board Joint Meeting

Out of County Trash Permits Now Available

Amherst Disaster Recovery Group Closes Last Case

Amherst County Service Authority Board

Making an Inspection Appointment

Business Tax Town Hall

Amherst County Receives National Park Service Grant

Proposed Elon Cell Tower Fails

Board of Supervisors Amends Comprehensive Parking Ordinance

Trash Receptacle Ordinance

Trash Collection Services in Amherst County

Litter Ordinance Enforcement

New Fees Set for Emergency Response

County Changes Hours of Operation for Waste Convenience Centers

Trash Ordinance Reminders

Property Rehabilitation Plan June Update

Backyard Pool Safety Tips

Amherst County Board Passes Curfew Ordinance for Use in Times of Emergency.

2020 Real Estate Tax Rate

Updated Social Distancing Procedures for Board of Supervisors Meetings

Amherst County Government Offices Lift By Appointment Only Policy

County Clean-Up Day Success

Public Comments at the Board of Supervisor’s April 17 Public Hearing

Social Distancing Procedures for Board of Supervisors Meetings

Wi-Fi Available at Monroe Community Center

Coalition for a Cleaner County

Amherst County Library Wi-Fi Open to Public

Amherst County Board of Supervisors Declares State of Emergency

Amherst County Government Offices Open by Appointment Only

Virginia Statewide Tornado Drill

Broadband Access Grows with Turkey Mountain Tower

New Reuse Shed Opens at Pedlar Convenience Center

Business 29 Property Maintenance Follow-up

Amherst County Welcomes New Director of Public Works

Property Rehabilitation Plan Update

New Meeting Time for Amherst County Service Authority Board

Madison Heights Planning Effort

Board of Supervisors Budget Workshop

2020 Board, Committee, and Commission Appointees

Citizen and Contractor Community Development Portal Now Available

Changes to the Amherst County Board of Supervisors for 2020

Press Releases 2019

Phelps Road School Sale Finalized

Board of Supervisors Thanks Kenneth Campbell

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Holiday and Winter Fire Safety

Lowesville Tower Now Equipped with Broadband

Waste Collection Sites on U.S. 60 Now Closed

Route 29 Business Beautification Mini-Grant

Fire Investigation

Proposed Business Tax Changes

New Waste Collection Site Opens

Amherst High School to Host College and Career Expo

County Agrees to Property Rehabilitation Plan

New Tanker Truck for Pedlar Volunteer Fire Department

Amherst County Welcomes New HR Specialist

Broadband Access Comes to More of Amherst County

County Property Maintenance

Real Estate Assessment Change

High School Automotive Technology Program Achieves Certification.

County Receives Grant to Extend Riveredge Trail

Mill Creek Lake Opens for Swimming

The Board of Supervisors Thanks Esther Candari

Amherst County Will Observe Constitution Week

Broadband Access Grows with Buffalo Ridge Tower

Amherst County Welcomes New Public Information Officer

Swimming at Mill Creek Lake 

Banners Raised Alongside Route 29 Business Corridor 

Amherst County Welcomes New Deputy Director of Public Safety

Customer Service Initiative

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative to Receive $7,180,471 for Gigabit Speed Broadband for Residents in Amherst County

High Peak Tower First with Broadband Access 

Amherst County Keeps Citizens Safe and Informed with Everbridge Resident Alerts

Family Fitness Day - June 8th

The Art of Queena Stovall 

Second Street Farmers’ Market ready to kick off 7th season with new manager

Second Stage | Amherst earns Chamber of Commerce Non-profit of the Year Award

Amherst County Farmer's Market 

Amherst County Awarded $127,000 through Virginia Telecommunication Initiative

First Annual Amherst Outdoor Expo 

Glass No Longer Accepted at Amherst County Recycling Centers

Beautification of the Madison Heights Route 29 Business Corridor 

Tornado Relief Program 

Field Trip to Cabellsville – Home of Amherst County’s First Court House

Route 29 Business Beautification Public Meeting: April 4th, 2019

Business Friendly Initiative: Ordinance 2019-0001- Special Exception Code Changes

Business Friendliness Initiative: Ordnance 2018-0007 - Parking and Residential Density Amendments

Business Friendliness Initiative: Ordinance 2018-0006 - Zoning Administrator, Variances, and Interpretations

VDOT’s Safety, SMART SCALE and State of Good Repair Funding Program

Amherst County's Realtor Luncheon 

Central Virginia Fire Association Wins 2018 Governor Fire Service Award 

Celebrating the Many Faces of Winton, Part II

Amherst County Service Authority Receives Seventh Consecutive Award  

Amherst County School Board Superintendent Plays Key Role in Obtaining Career Technical Educational Grant 

Celebrating the Many Faces of Winton, Part I

Amherst Watershed Coordinator Steps Down 

Second Stage Presents Virginia's Museum of Fine Art's Artmobile 

Amherst County Museum and Historical Society in VAM's Top 10

Board of Supervisors Welcomes New Chairman 

FEMA Field Study May Enter Private Property 

Phelps Road School Update