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The Planning and Zoning Department manages the County's long range planning efforts and coordinates the County's development review process. This department also administers the County Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances.
The Planning and Zoning Department also provides staff support for the Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals. Activities managed by this department include rezoning, special exception review, zoning text amendments to the zoning ordinance, assistance in site plan/subdivision plat review and evaluation, development and maintenance of the Comprehensive Plan and other planning activities involving transportation, housing, public facilities, utilities, and resource protection. This department also is responsible for enforcing the Zoning Ordinance.

Geographic Information System

A geographic information system (GIS) allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports, and charts.  Click here to view the Amherst GIS. 
"I have worked with most of the counties in our area and you guys were a great help to me when I started at David James Homes. I called several times and was completely walked through the process by Karissa. Even when I called her again, just to verify I had not missed a step, she graciously helped me to go through what I was about to send in and then led me into the zoning and building permit process for my next step. I love the fact that I can do the final steps online. It makes my job so much easier and saves me having to run down to the Building office an extra time." - David James Custom Homes 
To: Amherst County Administrator 
"I want to express my gratitude for your professionalism and hours of hard work performed for the County during my purchase of Pleasant View Elementary School. Although making a purchase from a government entity was a new experience for me, you kept me informed about everything required to be done during the process. You took your time for numerous meetings and phone calls to answer my questions and concerns. I know you were busy taking care of other county business, but you were always courteous and helpful in our meetings and conversations. 
Many other County employees also made this process as painless as possible. Claudia Tucker, Board of Supervisors took time to explain the sale approval process at one of our meetings. Victorian Hanson, Economic Development  met with me to discuss possible grants for business use of the property. David Proffitt from your office met with me at one of the meetings to provide information on the school building and grounds. Robert Ramsey met with me numerous times at the school to go over the school building's mechanical systems. 
With the commitment and effort given by yourself and others, Amherst County will continue to grow and prosper. Thank you for all that you do for our County."
- Tommy Lloyd

"I wanted to reach out to compliment your office on such a smooth and organized permit process. We work around the state of Virginia, and it is always interesting to see how each county zoning and building office each work a little differently- some better than others. I commend you on being the easiest to work with thus far! You are the first county we have worked with that has a fully automated permit system, which  has made the process so much smoother on our end and saved us so much leg time! The requirements were clear and directions were easy to follow. Staff was helpful, timely and friendly. People are so quick to complain, so I wanted to say "well done"! Your county has taken extra steps that I hope are implemented as effectively in other counties in the future. Thank you!"

-Virginia Barn Company

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