Disaster Preparedness

Every family should have a personal disaster plan, and Amherst County Animal Care and Control urges all animal owners to remember their pets in their plans. All pet owners should have provisions for their pets in case of emergency.
The most important thing to remember is that if you have to evacuate, TAKE YOUR PETS WITH YOU. Even if you think you will only be gone for a couple of hours, as conditions can change quickly in an emergency and you may find that you are unable to return home. Be prepared with a list of places where you and your pet are welcome in an emergency.
Ask friends or family outside your immediate area if they could help shelter your animals in a crisis.
Complete a list of pet friendly hotels and motels where you could take your pet.  Visit www.petswelcome.com to search online for pet friendly housing.  Be sure to call first to see if they have species or size restrictions.
Call local veterinary clinics and boarding kennels and determine their status in emergencies.
The next step in proper planning for a disaster is to make sure you also have a disaster supply kit for your pets.  Be sure to include a two week supply of:
  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Medications
  4. Collar & Leash
  5. Animal crate or carrier
  6. A photo of your pet (face and body)
  7. Vaccination records and contact information for your veterinarian
  8. Litter and a box for cats.  Consider pre-lined disposable boxes for ease of travel
  9. Toys, blankets, and treats to help relieve stress
Should you and your become separated during an emergency, it is critical to ensure that your pet has PROPER IDENTIFICATION. Make sure you pet is wearing a collar with tags for proof of rabies vaccination, dog license and your name and contact numbers.

Also consider having your pet micro-chipped. Micro-chipping is a safe, permanent way of identifying your pet.(SEE your local Veterinarian Office).

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