Animal Enforcement

Animal Control Officers fall under the Sheriff's Office and are responsible for enforcing Virginia State laws, Amherst County and Amherst Town ordinances that pertain to animals. In addition, Animal Control Officers are responsible for providing emergency services to the entire county and in its towns 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Reporting an Incident: To report an animal incident, such as an animal bite, dog running loose, an animal in distress and possible case of animal cruelty or neglect, please call Amherst County Dispatch at 434-946-9300.

Emergency Response Hours: Outside of regular business hours, an Animal Care and Control Officer is designated to be "On-Call" and will respond to health-and-safety-related emergencies only. Citizens may request assistance from the Animal Care and Control Officers by calling the Amherst County Dispatcher at 434-946-9300.
  1. Enforcement of state, county, and town lowas dealing with domestic animals.
  2. Investigation of aminal attacks to humans, domestic animals, dangerous and vicious animals, reports of severe animal cruelty, dogs attacking livestock and possible rabid animals or possible human or animal exposure to wildlife when rabies is a concern.
  3. Investigations of animal cruelty.
  4. Removal of stray dogs from streets and public areas.
  5. Pick up of stray animals from residences and businesses.
  6. Regulations and inspections of private and commercial kennels.
  7. Dog license enforcement.
  8. Rabies vaccination enforcement for dogs and cats.

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