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The Public Works Department  provides garbage transfer, disposal, and recycling services for the residents and businesses of Amherst County.  Public Works also provides household hazardous waste disposal options and recycling education programs for its residents.
Amherst County customers generate about 25,000 tons of solid waste each year.
Public Work's customers include commercial haulers, as well as both residential and non-residential self-haulers who use the county landfill.  Public Works does not provide residential curbside collection.  Garbage that is collected curbside in the county must be by a licensed commercial hauler and is transported to the county landfill for disposal.  The rural container collection sites and convenience centers are open to county residents, who may bring garbage to the stations.  In addition to garbage disposal, basic recycling services are available at the convenience centers.  
One of Public Work's highest priorities is to reduce the overall amount of material that is disposed through the implementation of innovative waste reduction and recycling services - at county facilities and in the community - and specialized programs.  Public Work's overall goal is to conserve natural and reusable resources through readily available services and a continued emphasis on public awareness.

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