The County of Amherst has several wonderful trails for the enthusiast to choose from. There is something for everyone! 
This blacktop hiking/biking trail is accessible from Percival's Island Natural Area. The trail extends from Lynchburg's Blackwater Creek Trail, crossing the railroad trestle onto Percival's Isle from Lynchburg. It traverses the island for about one mile along an old railroad bed. The trail continues across the James River on another trestle and along the James River in Amherst County for another 1 ½ miles. This is a beautiful scenic walk or bike ride through a historical area. The trail is now accessible in Amherst County at the end of Fertilizer Road [enter via the Central Virginia Training School].
This trail is idyllically located in the rolling Virginia countryside. It follows the banks of the Piney and Tye Rivers along the path of the longest-running, commercially successful short-line railway in America. It provides a perfect opportunity to relive the historically significant events that developed and changed Amherst and Nelson Counties. Another 2 miles of trail has recently been completed in the Amherst County portion of this trail. This extends the 2-mile stretch of the trail established in Nelson County for hikers, bikers, and horseback riding. The two access points are currently located at Piney River and Roses Mill.
Approximately 25 miles of this trail passes through Amherst County from the Nelson County line to the James River—many beautiful and scenic trails run through the county's mountains. Enjoy the sights from Mt. Pleasant, Cole Mountain, Tar Jacket, and Rocky Row Run, to name a few.
Located in the Mount Pleasant National Scenic Area, this 4.8-mile loop leads to Mount Pleasant's 4,071-foot summit, which offers panoramic 360-degree views.
A 5-mile loop, combined with the Appalachian Trail, across the meadows on the summit of Cole Mountain with fantastic views of the Amherst foothills and the western valley.
Located in the Glenwood and Pedlar Ranger Districts of Amherst County, this 7,580-acre area is part of the George Washington National Forest and is accessible by Route 60 West. It offers excellent opportunities for solitude and serenity and is very popular for various forms of dispersed recreation, including hiking, hunting, and fishing. The core of the Mount Pleasant National Scenic Area is remote in appearance. Motor vehicles are permitted only on open roads. For additional information, visit
This waterfall along the Pedlar River is accessible with just a short hike from your vehicle. It provides a great spot to relax on a hot summer day.
Breathtaking beauty and a half-mile thrill for the white water enthusiast. This is just one of several fine, steep creeks in the Nelson/Amherst County region.
From the Atlantic Ocean of Virginia's eastern border to the towering Mt. Rogers at its southwest corner, the Commonwealth includes every natural bird and animal habitat between Maine and Florida. Virginia also offers a long history, rich culture, and a tradition of warm hospitality to welcome visitors.
Within Virginia's 43,000 square miles of diverse natural habitat, you can find some 400 species of birds, 250 species of fish, 150 species of terrestrial and marine animals, 150 species of amphibians and reptiles, and a wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates. The Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail celebrates this diversity. It is the first statewide program of its kind in the United States. All three phases of the trail link wildlife viewing sites throughout the state have been completed: The Coastal, Piedmont, and Mountain Phases.
Amherst County has several trail loops listed in the Mountain Phase trail system. The Lynchburg Loop includes the James River Heritage Trail along the county's southern border. The Sleeping Giant Loop includes Mt. Pleasant Scenic Area, Mill Creek Lake, Stonehouse Lake, Thrashers Lake, and the Virginia Blue Ridge Railway Trail.
For further information or a map of one of the three phases, visit the Amherst County Recreation Department, contact the Virginia Tourism Corporation at 1-866-VABIRDS (822-4737), or visit
The Terrapin and Rattlesnake trailhead parking lots are posted along Rt. 130. For more information, contact the Glenwood /Pedlar Ranger District of the National Forest Service @ 540-291-2188.

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