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REMINDER: Amherst no longer participates in Lynchburg's Household Hazardous Waste(HHW) collection. All HHW can be dropped off at the AMHERST LANDFILL.


Business and Residential Landfill Rates (Effective October 1, 2023).

The Amherst County Public Works Department provides multiple services:

  • County Landfill- The Solid Waste Department (SWD) operates the only municipal landfill in Amherst County. The landfill is open to residents of Amherst County, as well as commercial customers, for disposal of garbage. The landfill only accepts municipal solid waste and non-hazardous industrial waste generated in Amherst County.
  • Convenience Centers - The Amherst County convenience centers are facilities where Amherst County residents can bring their waste. The waste is collected at the centers and/or sites and then transported to the Amherst County Landfill for disposal.
  • Recycling - The Amherst County recycling centers are facilities where Amherst County residents can bring their recyclables. The recyclables are collected at the centers and transported to Sonoco in Madison Heights for processing. See hours of operation for specific station information and visit Recycling Made Easy to learn what materials are recyclable and how to prepare them.
  • Earth Works- Public Works has expanded its scope within Amherst to include site work projects that help attract visitors to the County. Recent projects include Seminole Park, Lynchburg Road, and Horseford Road.
  • Grounds Enhancement- Public Works landscapes and beautifies all Amherst County facilities, including buildings, convenience centers, parks, and trails. Their duties include removing waste and recyclables from the bins located at the various sites throughout Amherst County. During the warm seasons, Public Works focuses on maintaining the parks and trails; in the cold seasons, the emphasis switches to repairing and restoring existing features, such as benches and gazebos, and adding new assets or replacing obsolete equipment.

  • Parks & Trails - Public Works sustains and conserves the natural beauty of the unique parks, features,  and trails located within Amherst County. Public Works' operational duties include trail clearing, maintaining park and trail environmentally friendly restrooms, athletic fields, and water activities.
  • If you need assistance with Grounds and Parks & Trails (this would include grounds maintenance, parks maintenance, or litter and trash concerns), please let us know by using the Grounds Maintenance Work Request. 


Public Work's highest priority is to reduce the overall amount of material disposed of through implementing innovative waste reduction and recycling services - at county facilities and in the community - and specialized programs to conserve natural and reusable resources through readily available services and a continued emphasis on public awareness.

Who We Serve

Public Works customers include commercial haulers and residential and non-residential self-haulers who use the county landfill. Public Works does not provide residential curbside collection.  Garbage collected curbside in the county must be collected by a licensed commercial hauler and transported to the county landfill for disposal. Contact information for commercial haulers licensed in the County can be found here. The convenience centers are open to county residents, who may bring garbage to the stations. In addition to garbage disposal, recycling services are available at the convenience centers.

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