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ACPS LogoThe Department of Public Safety's Mission is: 

To serve the citizens of Amherst County by safeguarding collectively and individually, their lives and property against the death dealing and injurious effects of natural or man-made disasters, and to coordinate responsive capabilities of volunteer fire, rescue services and other agencies that respond during times of emergencies and disasters.

To complete this mission of service to the public, certain goals and processes have to be developed and instituted; among these are:

In coordination with Federal and State Governments, plan and prepare for emergency operations, which will insure that casualties and property loss will be minimized and normal conditions will be restored as rapidly as possible in the event of a disaster.

In coordination with the eighteen (18) career personnel staffing the EMS stations 24/7, six (6) volunteer fire departments, and four (4) volunteer rescue squads, that serve Amherst county through their respective officers, provide emergency fire, medical, and other emergency services in an immediate and effective manner to the citizens of the county.
Update, continue to implement and exercise all Emergency Operational Plans for Amherst County.

  • Assist the volunteer fire departments and rescue squads in the county identify and develop their relationships with the Board of Supervisor, County Administration, and each other through a conscientious effort of communication, education, and participation.
  • Continue to enhance the emergency service capabilities of Amherst County through the effective use of resources, volunteer organizations in the private sector and assignment of emergency service responsibilities to all employees.
  • Develop a comprehensive training program the county to provide for all emergency response personnel a means of practical training evolutions.

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