Business Licenses

Businesses located in the County of Amherst are required to obtain a Business license. The license tax is based on gross receipts. Businesses must file a renewal application and pay the license fee by May 1 of each year. The business must be approved by the Zoning Office (434) 946-9303 prior to issuance of the license. If the business has a trade name, they must register their trade name with the Clerk of Circuit Court (434) 946-9321.

If gross receipts are under $50,000, you pay a $10.00 license tax. If the amount of gross receipts is over $50,000, see the rates listed below.

  • Contractors - $.13 per $100 of gross receipts
  • Services - $.31 per $100 of gross receipts
  • Professional - $.50 per $100 of gross receipts
  • Itinerant Merchants - $200.00 - 30 days or $500.00 annually.
  • Peddlers - $50.00 annually
  • Door to Door - $20.00 annually


Businesses that are obtaining a business license for the first time will estimate their gross receipts for the year. All businesses that have operated previously and are renewing their license may need to provide proof of gross receipts (Schedule C, or Corporate return) if audited by the Commissioner.

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