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Issue Amherst County Gross Receipts License

To obtain an Amherst County Gross Receipts License you will need to do the following things:
Obtain a zoing permit in the Planning & Zoning Office or call (434) 946-9303; If you plan to use an assumed name (any name other than your own) it must be registerd in the Circuit Court Clerks Office (you must appear in person) (434) 946-9321; or make application & pay the applicable business license tax with the Commissioner's Office prior to opening of the business(434) 946-9310. Most county license taxes are based on total gross receipts. If you file a Federal Schedule C and do not have a Business License, you need to check with the Commissioner's Office to be sure you are in compliance with the law. Businesses must file a renewal application and pay the license tax by May 1 of each year.