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Water meters and their settings are owned and maintained by the Amherst County Service Authority (ACSA). Meters are located near the edge of the property in a small pit, covered by a cast iron lid.
Please make every effort to keep the top of the meter box clear to allow easy reading. It is also helpful to keep plants, shrubs, and trees trimmed away from our meters.
Read Your Meter:
ACSA reads all residential meters by-monthly and non-residential meters monthly. If there is an obstruction over the meter box that prevents a reading, the customer will be notified and asked to clear the box top so that we can record the consumption.
All ACSA water meters are magnetic drive, meaning, the measuring chamber the water flows through and the recording dial that shows consumption are connected only by rotating magnets. The advantage of this type of meter is that they are not subject to mechanical malfunction as they might be if the measuring chamber and recording dial were physically linked, and therefore, it is extremely unlikely the meter can ever over-register consumption.
To read your ACSA water meter, you will need to remove the meter box top, which you can do with a large screwdriver inserted under the outer lip.
The meter will have a single sweep hand that moves clockwise registering one cubic feet (7.48 gal.). The white triangle at the pivot of the sweep hand is a leak detector which turns noticeably even when a very small amount of water is passing through the meter.